Easter Bunny House

This cosy Easter village tells the life of the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny House consists of diff...

Eggs of candy

This Easter décor is all about sweets and candy.  The giant Easter eggs are covered in d...

Easter Mill

Phixion Creation has two Easter mills in her range of Easter décors: the "crooked mill" and t...

Little Egg House

De eihuisjes van Phixion zijn vrolijke, kleurrijke decorstukken, die op zichzelf kunnen gebruikt wor...

Arts and crafts garden

Allow your little visitors to work on an egg ornament.  In a work shop garden, they can beautif...

Easter displays

Our giant displays will only go in limited production.  Due to their 2D-character these display...

Easter fun

Happy Easter bunnies swinging and spinning in a play ground, integrated arts and crafts corners and ...

Giant Easter bell

With our giant open bell the Easter bell serves as a house for the Easter bunny family.

Biggest Easter egg in the world

In 2005, Phixion took up the challenge with Guylian to build the biggest chocolate Easter egg. ...

Little Easter House

A picturesque house at children's size! This lovely little Easter house is abundantly decorated with...


Phixion also offers you an adapted spring décor for this spring.  Fresh colours and sunn...

The Easter Bunny House is a unique Easter décor, made by Phixion Creation.
This charming little Easter village of candy eggs is one of Phixion Creation’s unique Easter decors.
The Easter Mill is one of Phixion Creation's unique Easter décors.
The little egg houses are colourful Easter décor settings of Phixion Creation.
Gorgeous giant displays for Easter.  Another unique Easter décor by Phixion Creation.
Phixion Creation has a wide variety of Easter décors and decorations to turn Easter into a fun party!
This gorgeous giant Easter bell is one of Phixion Creation's unique Easter décors.
The little Easter house is a picturesque Easter décor by Phixion Creation.
spring décors and decorations by Phixion Creation


Does your mouth water at the thought of chocolate Easter eggs?
Do you get excited about the Easter bunny hiding little eggs and the subsequent Easter egg hunt?
Do the Easter bells ring a bell?
Do you look forward to spring when Easter announces itself?

Easter can mean different things for different people.  That is why Phixion Creation has expanded its range of Easter décors this year.  All aspects of Easter are now included: Easter eggs, Easter bells, Easter bunnies, Easter fun, Spring...  You will find it all in our rental décors for Easter this year!

The Land of Egg

In the Land of Egg you will see a formation of giant Easter eggs, called the Easter bunny house, Easter mills with rotating sails and little egg houses where families of Easter bunnies live.  In and around these egg houses and villages your can witness the lives of the Easter bunnies; how they live and work.

Phixion also has large and small painting eggs.  These white painted Easter eggs are integrated into the Easter décor, thus creating an arts garden, where your little visitors can decorate these eggs tot their heart’s content.

Easter bells

New in our range of Easter décors are our giant Easter bells.  We have an Easter bunny house in the shape of a giant bell and an Easter bell in scaffolds that Easter bunnies are working on.  Both settings are full with details so that your visitors will never tire when looking at them.


No Easter without chocolate eggs or Easter figurines! This delicious chocolate is being made by our Easter bunnies in our beautiful chocolate machine or in our newest chocolate factory.  U can see all Easter bunnies working diligently and transporting the chocolate eggs and bunnies on the running conveyor belt.

The Easter bells will bring the chocolate to the visitors of your shopping centre.  One push on the button and you will see the bell drop her eggs!

Do you want to break the record of the world’s largest chocolate Easter egg? Then Phixion is your ideal partner! After all, we did just that in 2005 and are eager to take up the challenge again...

Giant display

Our giant displays, which will only go in limited production, are a totally new creation.  Due to their 2D-character these displays do not take up much room and can be placed in your shopping centre in various places – even in places where you have little room for an Easter décor.  By placing different layers behind each other, we can create a certain depth and the lively colours make of these displays the eye catcher of your shopping centre.  The giant displays can easily be combined with an interactive décor like our labyrinth or an arts and crafts garden.

Sensation and animation

Traditionally Phixion creates decors and decoration with great eye for detail.  Our décors are no flat panels, but three-dimensional, lifelike and elaborately decorated settings.   You will enjoy the grandeur of our décors, but also the smallest details.

You can also choose to ad “animation” to your décor.  Rabbits swinging, bunnies going around on a carrousel, a conveyer belt transporting Easter eggs, Easter bunnies enthusiastically working...  together with appropriate sounds, these automates give your décor an extra dimension.  If desired, an activation button can be integrated so that your visitors can activate the animation themselves.

Easter fun

Happy Easter bunnies swinging and spinning in a play ground, integrated arts and crafts corners and painting eggs, a true Easter egg hunt in one of our labyrinths, ... Phixion has a lot to offer to turn Easter into a fun party!

Easter décor becomes spring décor

Arts and crafts corners become spring gardens, Easter eggs turn into spring flowers, the Easter bunny makes way for farm animals, ... Your Easter décor can be easily transformed into a spring setting.  This way you can enjoy your décor a bit longer!